VITA Robert Erben is a co-founder and partner at connecting trust. 

He specializes in cybersecurity and digital operations at board level. His professional focus lies on strategic development of operations and cyber program management as well as post merger integration (PMI) and lifecycle risk management. 

Robert Erben's practical experience in governance excellence helps organizations realize business strategies across their enterprises. 

His modern vision of change management focusing on cybersecurity standards, culture, people and competencies guides customers and shareholders through post merger integration and M&A transition processes. 

Prior to his partnership at connecting trust he looks back on 20+ years of leadership experience in large-scale strategic projects, SOC data center services, development and implementation within matrix organizations at globally leading firms such as Siemens, T-Systems Group, BWI-IT (HERKULES), Cancom, Daimler, BMW, IABG and Ernst & Young. 

His business network spans the manufacturing, TMT, public & defense sectors.